Testing Information



Testing fees for Gups (grades)


 9th gup High White $10

 8th gup Gold $10

 7th gup High Gold $10

 6th gup Green $20

 5th gup High Green $25

 4th gup Blue $30

 3rd gup High Blue $35

 2nd gup Red $40

 1st gup High Red $45


Black Belt Degrees


 1st Degree $150

 2nd Degree $175

 3rd Degree $200

Each student that has been given permission to proceed with testing will need to fill out a Formal Request to Test form.  
(Click here to go to the Request Form.)
Each belt level requires a written test, which can be found and taken on this website.  See the drop down menu on this page. 
Example: if student is testing for the High White belt promotion, go to the drop down menu under TESTING, choose 'Written Test for High White Belt"