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Our Class Programs

We believe in making our programs accessible to the families in our local community and beyond!  It is important to us that your family can share in the personal growth and training that our school provides, whether that is through virtual learning or in the studio! Please let us know if you have any questions.  

Classes are offered in person & on Zoom.
(See Weekly Schedule below)


-Classes are year round with 4 break weeks
in the year:

Program Monthly Tuitions for 2021 Aug-October

-Beginner Levels,  ages 6 & up $100

White Uniform: White belt through High Gold,    

up to 3 classes per week

-Intermediate Levels, $110          

Red Uniform: Green belt through Red,               

up to 4 classes per week

-Advanced Levels, High Red - Black Belt, $125

up to 5 classes per week

(assisting in 1 class per week) 

-Adult Class $75, 1x per week (great for parents!)

-Homeschoolers taking 1x per week, $75 for all levels below green belt. At green belt level more classes are required.

Uniforms, Gear, Registration

- Annual Registration Fee $20

- Youth Size Uniforms $25

- Teens/Adult Size Uniforms $30

- Patches $25 (required after your first testing)

- Training Requirements Book,

  ("Red Book") $20

- Bo Staff, Tonfa (Green & up) $25 - $35

October 2022 to January 2023
Updated Nov 2022.png
Updated Dec 2022.png
January 2023 Screenshot.png

January 7th is a special 3 hour class for upper belts, Blue to Black Belt.

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