Ms. Dana Paige, 5th Degree,

Owner/Head Instructor,

Full Circle Martial Arts

est. 2006 in Broomfield, CO


Full Circle Martial Arts is Colorado's premier kids school.  We work hard to facilitate a family friendly atmosphere, offering classes for all ages starting at age 4.  OUR MISSION is to positively affect the lives of our young students- through the way of the Peaceful Warrior -encouraging and empowering personal growth and development, affecting the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of each unique student's life.  In turn, we encourage our students to walk their unique personal paths affecting those around them in positive, peaceful and compassionate ways.

Our curriculum, from beginning White Belts to advanced Black Belts, was born from several styles of martial arts, including, but not limited to , Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wushu, along with weapons of Okinawan Kobudo and Chinese descent.  

By offering this diverse training we feel that not only can our students achieve confidence, leadership skills and a winning attitude in martial arts but in ALL areas of their lives. 

We offer our knowledge and experience to each of our students and wish for each of them a wonderful and enlightening  journey on the path of martial arts and self-improvement.

We welcome you to be our guest for a trial lesson.