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Ms. Dana Paige, 5th Degree,

Owner/Lead Instructor,

Full Circle Martial Arts

est. 2006 in Broomfield, CO and now with a 2nd location in Fort Collins


Hi, I'm Dana Paige ("Ms. Paige" to my students.) I hold a 5th degree Black Belt, and have been teaching martial arts for over 22 years, running my own martial arts school as well as teaching at Woodrow Wilson Academy's Home School Connections program in Westminster, CO, where I currently teach Tae Kwon Do, Wushu and Dance.  I moved from Westminster to Fort Collins in 2021. I am the proud owner of Full Circle Martial Arts, Colorado's Premier Kids School, which began in the Westminster area in 2006.  I currently offer classes in Westminster, Colorado at Family In Christ Church and I'm very excited to be offering a second location for classes in Fort Collins at Fort Collins Circus Center! 

My superpower is teaching kids & teens.  I have black belt students ranging in ages of 14-21.  Many of them started with me when they were ages 4-9.  There aren't enough great words to describe my love and admiration of them and the wonderful young adults they've become.  They are kind, caring and compassionate and they love seeing the successes of those around them. I am appreciative of their parents for trusting me all these years.

MY MISSION for Full Circle Martial Arts is to positively affect the lives of my young students- through the way of the Peaceful Warrior -encouraging and empowering personal growth and development, teaching life skills and healthy ways of acting and reacting to adventures and challenges that life brings. Martial arts is the vehicle I choose to help grow young people into thriving students in life.  I encourage my students to walk their unique personal paths, affecting those around them in positive, peaceful and compassionate ways.

FCMA training, from beginning White Belts to advanced Black Belts, is at the core, a Tae Kwon Do style but with an expanded multi-styled curriculum that includes some exciting additional techniques from Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wushu, along with weapons of Okinawan descent.  By offering this diverse 'Full Circle' training I feel that our students who become black belts are well-rounded in their martial arts knowledge, self defense skills, and leadership abilities.

I offer my knowledge and experience to each student and wish for them a wonderful and enlightening  journey on the path of the peaceful warrior.

I welcome you to join us for a trial lesson.

Please contact me for information on how to get started:

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