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Patterns (Tuls) & Misc. Forms

Full Circle Martial Arts' Curriculum includes techniques for feet and hands, stances, mat work, forms and special

techniques from the arts of Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Kempo, Jaindochin, Wushu, and Okinawan weapons.



In Tae Kwon Do, patterns are called tuls.


White Belts studying for High White need these:

  • Right Four Directional Punch

  • Left Four Directional Punch

  • Right Four Directional Block

  • Left Four Directional Block


High White Belts studying for Gold need these:

  • Upper Body Armory

  • Chon Ji

  • 3-Step Sparring w/out a partner


Gold Belts studying for High Gold:

  • Dan Gun


High Gold Belts studying for Green Belt:

  • Do San

  • Advanced 3-Step Sparring with a partner


Green Belts studying for High Green:

  • Won Hyo

  • R/L 4-Directional Thrust

  • Bo Staff form - Papa Haku Sho

  • 2-Step Sparring with partner


For White Belt to High Red Belt you will need the Red Book


High Green Belts studying for Blue Belt:

  • Yul Guk

  • Advanced 2-Step Sparring


Blue Belts studying for High Blue:

  • Joong Gun

  • Wushu Stance Drill

  • Beginning 1-Step Sparring


High Blue Belts studying for Red:

  • Toe Gye

  • Tonfa Form - Tsun Kuwa

  • Intermediate 1-Step Sparring


Red Belts studying for High Red:

  • Hwa Rang

  • Advanced 1-Step Sparring

  • Beginning Model Sparring




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